How do you ensure that N threads can access N resources without deadlock?


A very simple way to avoid deadlock while using N threads is to impose an ordering on the locks and force each thread to follow that ordering. Thus, if all threads lock and unlock the mutexes in the same order, no deadlocks can arise.

Wait Sleep
Call on current thread synchronizes on the lock object when there is a call on the object. Call on a Thread happens on the currently executing thread.
Synchronized Synchronized is used to access the same Object from multiple threads.. Synchronized is used to sleep over the Sleeping thread from multiple threads.
Hold lock release the lock for other objects to have the chance to execute keep lock for at least t times if timeout specified or somebody interrupt.
Wake up condition until call notify(), notifyAll() from object until at least time expire or call interrupt().
Usage for time-synchronization for multi-thread-synchronization
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